The Cookie Queen

Hey everyone! My name is Brianna and I am currently the owner and only baker here at Chunk Long Island. I started Chunk in June 2019 after being encouraged by close friends and family to start selling my baked goods. Ever since I was a younger, I always had a passion for baking! I started with cakes and cupcakes back in the day, but drifted more towards cookies within the last few years. I am a self-taught baker with no formal education in the field. I just throw together what I know, and your favorite Chunk cookies are made.
A little bit about me? I was born & raised on Long Island, NY. New York has always been home for me, and I take pride in calling my cookies Chunk "Long Island". I've always had a sweet tooth and love baking all kinds of desserts. I recently gave up my full-time career to pursue Chunk further - I used to be an elementary school teacher! I am also heavily into the fitness world, and I've competed in the past. You can always catch me in the gym when I am not hanging with friends or baking - my happy place!
I am so proud of where Chunk stands today. With all the love and care put into my cookies, I strive to make all of my customers happy. People always before profit - it's never about the money. This company stands for what the people want and love - and that's quality ingredients and product. I appreciate all of my followers and supporters. Thank you for making Chunk the company it is today.
Cookie Queen